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Diverse Romance Storyteller!

Seyna Rytes brings you romance with a touch of soul, of sprinkle of humor and a whole lot of color!

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Seven days to love...

A diverse, brother's best friend, romance

A Falling For The Johnsons Romance (Book 1)

Deejah Johnson has been in love with her childhood neighbor, and big brother's best friend for most of her life, but Kareem has never even kissed her...
After almost two decades of waiting in vain, Deejah's set on forgetting the big hunk of a man, and moving on with her life. But, of course that's the moment Kareem chooses to start showing her interest!

Follow Kareem and Deejah in this heartfelt story set during the magical times where their families come together to celebrate Black History Month.

Will the eternally quiet girl stand up for herself? Is Kareem finally gonna get his head straight and claim her heart? Will their families stop mingling in their business?...

Come have fun with the Johnsons, the Jallohs and the entire block!

This is a diverse holiday romance, with a quiet but strong-minded heroine, and a hero who's learning the tough way that his sweetheart is all grown now!

Guaranteed HEA, NO cliffhanger & NO cheating!

"His Supreme Fineness, Kareem Jalloh. Lifelong best friend to our elder brother, Malik; and crush to all females on our block, without distinction of age. 

Kareem is a warm shade of cacao, big and tall as a baobab tree, with the fine features of a Fulani, and the gentleness and poise of an old soul. His deep voice wraps around you like a worn-in Afghan. One that's been with you through bad colds and even worse break-ups, through freezing nights and hang-outs in front of the TV."

Seven days to love...

Seyna Rytes

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About the Author

Storyteller at Heart

Seyna Rytes can't remember a time when she wasn't daydreaming love stories (long before she learnt how to write them!), watching romantic movies ("The Princess Bride", anyone?), or reading romance (from vintage Harlequin to contemporary smut...). 



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Monterey, CA, USA

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